Check out these three things that I’m digging on right now.

1. Website or app

When I need marketing ideas I have a few great online resources that I visit to get my creative juices flowing.

– – a great resource to build marketing campaigns. They provide hundreds of case studies broken down by category (i.e. cold emails, viral, giveaways, etc.) @marketing_examples– a great resource to get design and content ideas for any presentation or slide deck. Search hundreds of beautiful decks by category or type to design great slides for your own presentations. – it’s exactly what it sounds like–a huge library of great emails to help you get design and content inspiration for your next email campaign or newsletter.

2. Education resource If you’re looking for high-quality courses where you can learn from the best of the best, this is your new best friend.

Learn how to skateboard from Tony Hawk, how to cook world-class meals from Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller, how to direct a documentary from Ken Burns, or hundreds of other niche topics from world-class professionals.

Other unique and popular courses include Advice for Life, Sales Trends, Neuroscience topics, The Art of Negotiations, and Storytelling. 

The production quality matches the content quality too, which makes for a really enjoyable experience with each course.

I have 3 guest passes that I can send out to the first three people who ask. Just email me at and I’ll send one your way if you’re one of the first three. @masterclass

3. Productivity Tool If you’re tired of listening to country music or top 40 all day and want your music to make you more productive, this is the tool for you.

Studies show that people who listen to music while they work are far more productive than those who work in silence, and people who listen to are even more productive than those who listen to Spotify.

They have three categories of instrumental background music – Focus, Relax, Sleep. So whether you’re trying to become more productive, or wind down after a long day, open and choose one of their genres to get what you want out of your background music. @brainfmapp

Hopefully, you enjoy these 3 tools that I’m using right now. And feel free to share your own in the comments. I’d love to check out what you’re digging on right now too.