In this special webinar recorded December 6, 2021, Corey is joined by Mark Rooney and Jamie Smith, Managing Partners at the Business Strategies Group of Southern California. Listen in as Mark and Jamie break down best practices and strategies in designing employee and executive benefits programs; business exit, succession, and transfer; and company retirement plans.

In this presentation, you will learn about: 

  • Seeing every consideration around business program creation as a design issue
  • Prioritizing items in your employee benefits package
  • Crafting a retirement program for a millennial workplace
  • Qualified and nonqualified executive plans
  • Business exit, success, and transfer example scenarios

In this webinar we discuss:

02:47 An introduction to Jamie Smith and Mark Rooney, and the Business Strategies Group

12:15 Employee benefits overview

15:36 Group insurance products (health, dental, vision, life, short-term disability)

17:00 Financial wellness (coordinate personal plans with company benefits)

19:33 Specific examples of financial wellness at the employee level

24:00 Company retirement plans: Pension (defined benefit & defined contribution); Profit-sharing & 401(k) plans

35:24 Executive benefits (executive compensation)

39:58 Nonqualified plans (Deferred compensation, Select Executive Retirement Plans)

47:03 Business exit, succession, & transfer

54:27 Other example scenarios regarding coordinated business exit/success/transfer planning

56:18 What if you’re a one-person company?

57:09 Q&A


  • Almost everything becomes a design issue about, “What do you want to accomplish?” and then, “What can be done within the confines of the market and the regulators and the legislation to be able to get to the endgame?” or the outcome that you want to get to. ~Mark
  • This is the design idea [for employee benefits]: Figure out what’s comfortable within the budget of the company, what you want to do, and how competitive you want to appear versus other people that might be trying to hire the same people. ~Mark
  • Happy employees are more productive, and being happy has a lot to do with financial security. ~Jamie

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