It’s human nature to want to spend more time looking at the good things in our business than the bad things.

While it’s important to celebrate wins, it’s equally (if not more) important to focus on the areas of deficiency in your business.

Have you stopped looking at your financials because you’re running out of money?

Have you stopped surveying your customers because your NPS is lower than expected?

Are you delaying employee reviews because you know you have some wrong people on your team that you don’t want to deal with right now?

The truth is, healthy businesses obsess over collecting information, even if it tells them a story they don’t want to hear.

Growth is generally a result of great planning and execution.

And the only way to plan properly for your business, is to work with ALL the information about your business, both good and bad.

Does your team spend more energy becoming great through fixing your deficiencies or trying to outrun them?