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Head of Marketing & Sales

Reports to: CEO (Founder)
Hours: Full-time (35-40 hours per week)
Salary: $60k per year with the ability for significant bonuses and raises for excellence and performance
Work from: Remotely or our office in San Juan Capistrano

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Job Description

Fancy Camel is looking for a talented Head of Marketing & Sales to help take us to new levels. The Founder is both a Business Coach and a serial entrepreneur and needs a versatile person to work alongside him to help with almost every part of the business. You will have several daily responsibilities, but will also be doing new things every week. You will be involved in almost every aspect of the business, including business development, customer service, marketing, billing, and strategy. Your day will largely be spent on the computer (60-80%), the phone (10-20%), and in meetings (10%).

An average day (if there is such a thing), may look like this:

In addition to the activities listed above, you will be asked to hire and manage Virtual Assistants, write newsletters, create marketing funnels, read books and newsletters to stay relevant, pair qualified leads with real estate partners, billing and A/R, run split tests, implement new systems and optimize existing ones, and just about anything else you can think of.


Mission and Culture

Fancy Camel is a 2-year-old company whose mission is to help other businesses and build rad products and services. We are launching a new business that generates and qualifies real estate buyer leads, which are then sold to real estate agents and teams. You will be instrumental in launching and growing this new business.

Our Core Values are:







We are obsessed with improvement. This means we are continually learning and trying new things. We are constantly evolving and improving every aspect of our business. We expect everyone to take initiative to make things better, including yourself.

We are expected to impress. This means we take pride in everything we do. It means details matter. We strive to create lasting impressions and memorable experiences. We care about exceeding expectations. We take responsibility for everything we do. We deliver everything we do with excellence.

We always enjoy the ride. This means we make work fun. We believe in work-life balance. We surround ourselves with positive energy and good people. We like to win, and we celebrate along the way.

If these core values don’t resonate strongly with you, this is not the position for you.

Responsibilities and Work Environment

You will be giving a lot of responsibility and a lot of freedom. We are far more focused on outcomes than processes. You will be expected to critically think and problem-solve to accomplish great things. You will be given all the resources and support you need to succeed. However, there will not be a lot of handholding. You are expected to take initiative, ask questions, take on new challenges, proactively find ways to improve the company and obsess over feedback. You will be given time to learn, read and watch videos to continually grow yourself personally and professionally. This position will challenge and develop you as a professional.

If you are someone who needs specific instructions and to-do lists in order to perform well, you will not like this work environment.

This is a full-time position, which will require 35-40 hours of work per week. This is a salaried position, which starts at $60k per year, with the possibility of significant bonuses and/or raises for excellent work and results. Currently, there are no health insurance or retirement plan benefits. Time off will be granted liberally.

This position is a remote work position. You must have a quiet and professional setting to accomplish your responsibilities. Since you will be handling inbound leads throughout the day, you will need to be available during PST business hours. However, there can be some flexibility, provided you can still accomplish all of your responsibilities.


Skills and Stack

You must be fluent with technology. We move fast and use a lot of different technologies to do so. It is not important that you’ve used the same tech platforms that we use, but it is extremely important that you can quickly learn and master new technologies as we implement them.

You must like working with people. This job will force you to interact with dozens of people every day. Some of these conversations will be digital (text and email), while others will be on the phone or in person. These interactions will be a mix of customer service, business development, and sales. If talking to people isn’t really your thing, this is not the position for you.

You should have real estate experience. Your primary responsibility will be to assist in the launch and growth of our new business. You will be having real estate conversations with potential home buyers and with experienced real estate agents. Having experience in a real estate related industry will greatly improve your chances of success.

You should be a talented copywriter. You will be responsible for writing compelling newsletters, articles, and ads regularly. Additionally, you will be conversing with customers and partners via text and email every day. If you are not already a strong copywriter, this is not the position for you.

You should be good at design and marketing. Creating brand awareness and loyalty will be key components of success in this role. Your ability to use tools, combined with your talent, to create compelling marketing materials, web properties, social media, presentations, and an overall standard of work are expected in this role.

Any experience with HTML and CSS is a plus, but not necessary.

Some of the tools that you will use daily include:

Google Drive
Google Sheets
Facebook Ads

If this position doesn’t excite the hell out of you, please do not apply. We want passionate people, who share our values and care deeply about building a great company on the mission and environment that make us who we are.

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