I’m a 27 year old SoCal native living in Orange County. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and all I really want to do is make enough money to travel for the rest of my life. Back in early 2005, I started a business, called Wright Brothers Communications, with my older brother, Casey. I love what I do, and consider myself extremely blessed. In 2007, I took a position as an adjunct professor for the MBA program at Point Loma Nazarene University. Currently, I have a few new business ideas floating around in my brilliant brain, so look for me on the cover of Fortune magazine in the very near future.

here’s a list of things i love:

sports   traveling   beer   music   cheese   tea   wine   golf   comedy   boats   swimming   cooking   surfing the net   jacuzzis   board games   public speaking   apple   laughter   family & friends   DVR   blogging   q-tips   winning   chuck taylors   bbm’ing   pizza            San Diego   photography   squash air freshener   wi-fi   reality crime shows